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A quick tour of humu-related things 
TV coverage of a lively 1984 street event where the candidates 
campaign for votes!
The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, has a very informative article in their website's Online Learning Center
There is another triggerfish that has the same 
LO-O-O-ONG Hawaiian name – but it is NOT the 
Hawaii State Fish!  It is the lagoon triggerfish, also 
called the Picasso triggerfish.
Reef triggerfish
Wedge-tail triggerfish
Lagoon triggerfish
Picasso triggerfish
This fun and goofy song, from the stage show "High School Musical II," is not really about the fish, but rather about a girl who is chasing a boy with that nickname
This classic song, written in 1933, is how many non-Hawaiians first heard the name.  It wasn't actually about the fish, but everyone knew that last overflowing line of the song!
Children on the beach learning about their state fish
 Bhawna Mundotia's original video from which the clips in this song video were taken
This one, from Gary Franks, follows a busy little fish as he/she pokes around for tasty goodies in the sand
Rhinecanthus rectangulus
This charming episode of "Octonauts" (Season 1, Episode 10) tells the story of a school of humus who get stuck in the plumbing of the Octopod
Humu camp song by Rick Maxson
Humu song by the popular children's artist Rick Charette
Reef triggerfish 
Wedge-tail triggerfish 
Humu song by John Archambault and David Plummer on their album "Wonder the Ocean"
1934 film debut
Don Ho 
Leon Redbone and Ringo Starr
Kaleo Naea with hula dancers
Must see!
A humu learns that it is better to be yourself, in your true colors, than to try to be like someone else