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Songs that make you smile
© 2002 Suzanne Niles
Over in Hawaii there's a fish in the sea
A crazy quilt of colors with a big lazy "V"
White and black and gold put together so fine
When you see it you'll agree it's simply divine!
But 'though you might be dazzled by the way that he's dressed
There's something more amazing that you wouldn't have guessed
A fancy-dancy name that doesn't know when to stop
Your tongue will do the hula and your brain will go POP!
When you say ... 
Sing-a-ling the longest name you ever saw
Humuhumu-nukunuku give it a try
If you start in April you'll be done in July!
He keeps his little trigger fin layin' down flat
When trouble comes along he pops it open like that
It holds him in a hole so you can't pull him out
And all that you can see is the tip of his snout!
He's a ... 
Painted like a picture from his tail to his jaw
Humuhumu-nukunuku — How do you do?
Tricky little triggerfish lookin' at you!
A classy little masterpiece under the waves
Hangin' in the halls of the coral and caves
A dashing flash of color, then he's gone in a wink
But just one look and then you're hooked, and you'll be tickled pink!
Humuhumu-nukunuku — look at him go
A dozen little syllables all in a row
Humuhumu-nukunuku clickety-clack
A name like a train rollin' by on the track!
And you'll say ... 
Now try to guess the meaning — what could it be?
Something like "The Painted Fish" or "King of the Sea"?
A name to fit the fashion?  The glamorous grace?
That fine designer suit?  Or the fabulous face?
But NO! 
You see, Humu has a front kinda rounded and blunt
And when he's out of water, makes a sound like a grunt
So someone thought this gorgeous little fish-a-ma-jig
Oughtta have a name that means ...
A nose like a pig!
Sing-a-ling the longest name you ever saw 
Humuhumu-nukunuku jiggety-jig
Clothes like a jester and nose like a pig!
Humuhumu-nukunuku down by the beach
A body like art and a name like a speech
Humuhumu-nukunuku — give it a try
If you start in April you'll be done in July!
A-pua'a — here we go!
A-pua'a — now you know!
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