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The first thing most people notice is that big golden sideways "V" with the neon yellow outline.
In cattle branding – those marks that ranchers put on their cows and horses to identify them
as their own – there are standard symbols you can use to make up your own "brand." 
Here are some of the ways you can use a letter in a brand, using "A" as an example:
Sometimes people use this familiar idea of cattle brands as a fun way to name their store, restaurant, saloon, or other business – like the Lazy V Snack Shack!
There are lots of ways to use letters in a brand. One of the ways is sideways, which is called "lazy" because it looks like the letter is is lying down!
 Flying A          Tumbling A          Crazy A             Lazy A              Rocking A          Walking A
Wood humu sculpture courtesy Aloha Wood Art, alohawood.com